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Somaliland citizens head to the polls to last Presidantial election November 13, file Araweelo News Network, by Arraale M jaama

#Somaliland, #Hargeisa(ANN)-The Somaliland National Electoral Commission has announced the official list of candidates for the three national partys #KULMIYE, #WADDANI and #UCID, contesting the Somaliland House of Representatives elections on 31 May 2021.


The official lists are listed in the six regions of Awdal, Maroodijeh, Sahil, Togdheer, Sanaag and Sool, and the candidates have been selected from each region by the candidates representing the National Political Parties in the election and their symbols as well as one party, each is a candidate.

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Candidates from the three National Political Parties are vying for the 82 seats in the Somaliland House of Representatives, and the number of candidates’ shares in the regions is divided by the number of seats in each region in the last parliamentary elections in 2005.

Somaliland’s National Electoral Commission (NEC) has announced in recent days that candidates for local councils in 20 of the 23 constituencies will contest their seats, while representatives will be running in six regions of the country. Similar elections are scheduled for May 31, 2021.

The Somaliland National Electoral Commission (NEC) has announced that 1,297,838 people have been registered in Somaliland, bringing the total number of registered voters expected to cast their ballots in the upcoming local council and representative elections. in the country, with 1, 642 planned, to be polling stations.

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Somaliland has since adopted a multi-party system of democratic elections in Somaliland which started with local elections in December, 2002, and for the last 18 years has been a democratic system with three presidents directly elected by the people elected.

The current House of Representatives will be the second to be directly elected, while the local councils will be elected for the third time.

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