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#Somaliland deserves #international #recognition by report #the@Economist

#Somaliland, Hargeisa(ANN)-The international newspaper, The Economist, in a long report on the issue of Somaliland and its aftermath called on by the international community to recognize of the sovereignty of the Republic of Somaliland.


The report, published by The Economist, discusses the 26 June 1960 celebrations of Somaliland’s independence from the United Kingdom and the manner in which the flag-raising ceremony took place.

Also the report discusses the independence of Somaliland and the stages it went through and the bloody struggle to regain its independence on 18 May 1991, in Burao, the capital of Togdheer region.

The Economist begins its coverage of the Somaliland issue, “SOMALILAND’S FIRST stab at independence lasted less than a week. Pipers of the Royal Highland Fusiliers were ordered to play the new state’s national anthem at a ceremony in Hargeisa, the capital, marking the end of British colonial rule in June 1960. On discovering that it did not have one, the bandmaster cobbled together a medley of local folk tunes, and conducted it with brio. A day later, however, Somaliland’s parliament passed an act of union with Somalia, a former Italian colony to its south, and Somaliland officially was no more.”

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The report is titled “Somaliland deserves international recognition by report the Economist


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