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Hargeisa(ANN)- Somaliland is set to hold local council and parliamentary elections on Monday, May 31, 2021, with a 798 candidates from the three parties WADDANI, KULMIYE and UCID, 552 of whom are running for local councils 23 District.

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Somaliland Electoral Commission staff prepares ballot boxes for the Image Araweelo News Network polling station. 29 May 2021.

The election, while are running for candidates Somaliland representatives 246,  to elect 82 members.On Monday 31 May 2021, the day of the Somaliland elections, 798 candidates from the three parties are running for local councils and the House of Representatives.

Elections are scheduled to take place in 2,709 polling stations across the country, with elections taking place in 23 constituencies, with 30,000 polling staff working on election day.according to the official records of the Electoral Commission finally announced, 1, 065, 847 voters.


The -elections joint  for the country’s local councils and the House of Representatives will be the first time Somaliland has been occurred a paired election  when since the  democratization process and the one-man, one-vote elections, with Somaliland already holding six elections. Organizations and parties held twice, three presidential elections and one parliamentary election.

International observers from the African, European and other countries have come to the Somaliland to witness the elections. Also, Diplomats and representatives of organizations and institutions globally has reached Somaliland to become observers to the elections.

Somaliland is a country that has not yet been recognized by the world, but has become a world-renowned peace and democracy, and elections are expected to take place peacefully across the country, having previously won a democratic government over three presidents over power peacefully.


After gaining independence from Britain in 1960, the Republic of Somaliland joined the former Italian-colonised Somalia to form the Somalia Republic. But the union failed to live up to the people’s aspiration. Instead, the people of the northern regions were subjected to genocide, looting, robbery, arrest and rape by the military government of Mohamed Siad Barre.

after bitter fighting broke out in the northern regions in 1988, led by the Somali National Movement (SNM), with Mohamed Siad Barre’s regime In 1991, after years fighting the people of Somaliland withdrew from the republic and reinstated its sovereignty, In 18 May 1991, Burao Conference.

Somaliland has since enjoyed peace and democracy, and many elections have taken place, with the 31 May 2021 elections being the seventh time one person has free election one person one vote peacefully. But Somaliland has yet to gain international recognition, and democratic elections and a progressive system of government are an example of the world and Africa still ruled by force and a coup.

However, Somaliland Republic is a leading and exemplary democracy, which is not the case in Africa and elsewhere in the world.

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By Arraale M Jama Freelance Journalist and Human Rights activist.

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