The UK Government recognise the importance of Somaliland

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The UK Government recognise the importance of Somaliland

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The UK Government recognise the importance of Somaliland, and we are willing to invest hundreds of millions of pounds there, because we realize that it opens up so much of the Horn of Africa to British goods and investment. According to a debate in the British Parliament on the issue of Somaliland’s independence, with attracted a lot of international attention in recent days.

Nations do not get involved, China does, and recently we have had many discussions about China’s influence. Does he therefore agree that when we look at development taking place in Somaliland, we can see that it is in our strategic interests and that of western countries not just to see what happens but to take an active, leading role and not allow that vacuum to be filled with those who, perhaps, we have difficulties with? Said the Gavin Williamson, he is the leading figure in the British Parliament’s debate on the issue of Somaliland’s recognition.

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The UK Government recognise the importance of Somaliland

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