“Our army is here for the security of the entire region.” General Tani



Lasanod (ANN)- The Commander-in-Chief of the Somaliland National Army, Major General Noah Ismail Tani, said that terrorist groups are hiding in the town of Lasanood and want to establish a base from which to attack countries in the Horn of Africa.

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General Noah Tani said that in 2002, when the former President of Somaliland, Dahir Rayale Kahin, reached the city of Lasanod, they attacked the militias of the Puntland administration in Somalia and took control of the city. In 2007, after a big war between the Somaliland national forces and the Puntland militias, the city was captured by the Somaliland Army.

“When the Somaliland army removed the Puntland militia from the city, security and order were created in the city.” It was a very small city without basic services, and there was no money, but the government of Somaliland provided a lot of money for basic services. To build the city, the government of Ahmed Silanyo has invested $32 million dollars one time. This amount of money has been invested in the city, and it has built educational facilities, health facilities, roads, and all basic services. “It became a great economic source which is an economic opportunity that other regions do not have, since the majority of the army is present. And people invested and trusted,” General Noah said.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Somaliland National Army, General Tani, said this to reporters Niman Ahmed Dagal and Hassan Shah from the National Television who visited the city of Lasanod on Thursday.


“Terrorist groups want to establish a stronghold in Lasanod, where they used to fly from Buhodle. Their aim is to attack Ethiopia, Somaliland, Djibouti, and other places in the region. “Our army is here for the security of the entire region.” “We do not accept that Al-Shabab and Al-Qaeda use Lasanod as a base for attacks to the region,” said “General Nouh Tani,” who is sitting in the center with the Commander of the Eastern Zone of the National Army, Ali Barre, and the Commander of the 31st Division, Ismail Farah Awale (Dolal).

General Tani said that there are local militias that have entered the city and are returning to the rural areas they came from, but he noted that the group hiding in the city is the extremists who came from Somalia and Buhodle. He added that there are also militiamen from Puntland who have been arrested, and he suggested the residents accept peace and dialogue and return to the city.

The journalists from Somaliland National Television said in their report that most of the city is under the control of the Somaliland National Army, except for certain places where Al-Shabab-linked groups that are fighting in Lasanod are hiding and are sometimes shooting at people.

Mosques and high-rise buildings have become hideouts for Al-Shabab groups. They also said in the report to the journalists who visited Lasanod that the National Army is helping vulnerable people who have fled their homes and providing them with the support they need.

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By Arraale M Jama Freelance Journalist and Human Rights activist.