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Nairobi(ANN)-The A high level delegation made up of ministers, senior advisors and officials from the Somaliland Mission in Kenya met with international development partners in Nairobi, Kenya.

A high-level delegation from the Republic of Somaliland met with international development officials and Diplomats in Nairobi.


The Somaliland delegation of ministers, senior advisers and Somaliland government officials visited Kenya last week and met with international development partners in Nairobi to discuss regional security issues and Somaliland’s electoral democratic process.

According to a statement issued by Ismail Shirwa, Head of Development Cooperation for the Somaliland delegation to Kenya, the meeting was part of the Somaliland Development Process, and he said the delegation had renewed its support to Somaliland’s international partners for development and reconstruction, progress and reforms being made by the Republic of Somaliland government.

“The delegation also expressed Somaliland’s strong aspiration to continue practicing its democratic principles and holding free and fair elections,” said a statement.

The Somaliland delegation arrived in Nairobi on Wednesday last week, led by Somaliland Foreign Minister Essa Kayd and Ministers of Finance and Planning, and meets with development partners in Denmark, EU, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, UK and USA.


The development partners the Somaliland delegation met included; Denmark, EU, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, UK and the USA.

The partners’ welcomed Somaliland’s reassurance that President Muse Bihi and opposition parties remain committed to holding presidential elections in 2022,  and also the commitment to ensure that the next national development plan would present a concise, prioritized and coasted plan for the country.

Meanwhile, diplomats who met with the Somaliland delegation expressed concern over the alleged displacement of people from certain communities in Somaliland.

“While the international partners commend Somaliland’s positive democratic and economic development over recent years, these forced displacements constitute a serious setback and called on the government to stop the forced displacements and arbitrary detentions witnessed in recent weeks,” a statement from the partners said.

They called on the Somaliland government to protect businesses and properties of people who have been displaced, as the delegation assured them of the country’s commitment to protecting basic human rights, rule of law and due process for all within its territory.

On October 5, 2021, Somaliland in response to the Prime Minister of Somalia said the persons said to have been forcefully displaced, had been deported because they had unlawfully settled in the district of Las Anod in Somaliland.

“It is important to emphasize that the decision to deport a selected number of individuals from Somaliland’s territory was motivated by issues pertaining to security, including appeals from the local communities and authorities in Las Anod district,” Somaliland said.

“Intelligence reports and consultations provided clear indications that these individuals were putting the safety of the local population at risk.”

Somaliland is an independent state that has been self-declared since 1991, when the Republic of Somalia collapsed, at which time Somaliland withdrew from the union on 26 June 1960, when it gained independence from the United Kingdom.

In Somaliland, it has established a democratic system based on parties and free elections, and has won its own international reputation for supporting democracy, economic development, humanitarian assistance and infrastructure development, which has a great reputation in the world.

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By Arraale M Jama Freelance Journalist and Human Rights activist.

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