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“Abiy, told me he would oust the TPLF-led government in Tigray in three to five days, as he did in the Somali region of Ethiopia.”  Gebremeskel says.

Addis Ababa (ANN)_Gebremeskel Kassa, a former Cabinet Secretary and Chief of Staff appointed by Prime Minister Abi Ahmed to the Tigray Transitional Federal Government, said there was no doubt that a massacre had taken place in Tigray region.

The former secretary general of the Council of Ministers said he had witnessed the brutal massacre in Axum and other abuses.

“A well-planned and well-executed genocide has been committed in Tigray; that is beyond doubt,” Gebremeskel Kassa told Globe News Net.


He spoke in a wide-ranging interview about the genocide and abuses perpetrated by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government against the Tigrayans, who have been fighting for more than a year.

Gebremeskel said he and his group were in Shire, 67 km from Axum, when the massacre began in Axum on November 28, 2020.

He also confirmed the massacre perpetrated by the Eritrean military in support of the Ethiopian Federal Government forces and the areas where atrocities were committed, including rape, genocide, looting and other abuses, during the Tigray region.

Gebremeskel says Abiy told them that “he will oust TPLF-led government in Tigray in a 3 to 5 days operation like what he did in Ethiopian Somali region”. The war broke out two weeks later.

Gebremeskel, who was at the scene, told Globe News Net about these and other issues in an exclusive interview about the events he witnessed.

Read here:  The exclusive interview with Globe News Net.

Witnessed Axum Massacre, Firsthand

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By Arraale M Jama Freelance Journalist and Human Rights activist.

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