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Britain sent observers to elections in Somaliland Hargeisa is a group of 12 members.Image from the press office observers , by Araweelo News Network

Hargeisa(ANN)- Britain has sent observers to Somaliland to monitor the elections, which are just a few days away.

A team of international observers arrived yesterday Hargeisa Egal International Airport,  The 12-member team was sent to Somaliland by  the Department of Planning and Development at the University of UCL in London. After Somaliland Electoral commission (NEC) invited to witness their Somaliland voting in local council and representative election.

According to a statement from the press office watchdogs International Election received a copy of the Araweelo News Network, said that the team of international observers has financed the development of the UK and Commonwealth.


The LIEOM will conduct its observation activities in accordance with the Declaration of Principles for International Election Observation, emphasizing the impartiality of its observation. Said a statement.

The observation is taking place over three phases. In the weeks leading up to the election, the legislative framework, campaign and electoral preparations are being assessed remotely by international experts with the support of local representatives.

The second phase involves the mission leadership and short term observers coming from Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Germany, New Zealand, South Africa, UK, US and Zambia observing the campaign and electoral preparations in the week around the election. They will observe voting, counting and tabulation of results across as many Somaliland locations as possible.

The period following the election will be observed remotely and through local representatives, including ongoing engagement with stakeholders. The LIEOM will publish a report and recommendations for future elections approximately four months after the election.

This is the fifth election in Somaliland observed by DPU since 2005. Part of the LIEOM’s mandate will be to assess Somaliland’s new General Law for National Elections and Voters’ Registration and its implementation.The elections mark an important moment for democracy in Somaliland: after significant delays to both polls, this is the first time that national and local elections have been combined.

Says Professor Michael Walls of DPU, chief observer on the EOM, following a cooperative meeting with the NEC today:.

“Every election is important, and these one sthe more so given that they mark only the second time Somaliland’s House of Representatives will have been elected by apopular vote. The fact that the parliamentary elections a repaired with local council elections further increases the significance of the choices for Somalilanders.As observers, our role will be to consider not just the campaign, election day and results but the new consolidated electoral legislation and its implementation in these elections.

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