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Qaza oo gubanaysa kadib duqaynta Isarel ee cir iyo dhul 13 May 2021, Iamge Araweelo News Network.

New York(ANN)-Human Rights Watch (HRW) has condemned Israeli airstrikes in Gaza and Jerusalem on the twelfth day’s which resulted in civilian casualties dammed.

The latest outbreak of violence in Gaza is depressingly familiar. Scores of civilians, including children, have been killed and injured. As usual, Israeli airstrikes in heavily populated areas of Gaza have claimed the most victims, although Hamas rockets launched into Israel have also killed and injured civilians. According report to Human Rights Watch.

A lengthy report on the root causes of the conflict in Gaza and Jerusalem following a 213-page report published in April, entitled, “How the UN Can Help End Israel Apartheid and Persecution”.

According to Human Rights Watch,As we try to grapple with a new cycle of bloodshed and apparent war crimes by Israeli authorities and Palestinian armed groups, it’s worth recalling what sparked the latest violence: a dispute over the eviction of Palestinian families in East Jerusalem. the plan is to replace these Arab Palestinian residents with Israeli Jews.

Read the full report here:

How the UN Can Help End Israeli Apartheid and Persecution


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