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Cabdirashiid Riyaraac

Chairman of the Somaliland National Electoral Commission, Abdirashid Mohamud Ali (aka Riyaraac)I Image File Araweelo news Network.

Hargeisa(ANN)-The #Somaliland #Electoral Commission has announced the start date of the election campaign with a six-day deadline, with ten days left until the elections 31st of May 2021.


A statement signed by the Chairman of the Somaliland National Electoral Commission(NEC), Abdirashid Mohamud Ali (aka Riyaraac) to the three national parties announced the campaign schedule for the local council and representative elections issued today.

The timetable for the parliamentary and local election campaigns will run for six days, beginning on May 23 and ending on May 28, with each party receiving two days.

The commission warned the national parties and candidates against violating the law, and that the campaign system and the law of the land should not be violated.


Somaliland’s election campaign schedule will be the shortest in the campaign, compared to six previous elections in Somaliland.

The schedule shortened to six days, with each party having only two days, which does not seem to give candidates a chance to make their plans more convincing. Voters as well as voters who do not have the opportunity to choose the candidate of their choice apart from the tribal system based on the current mixed elections in Somaliland.

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