#Araweelo_News_Network. Karl Von Batten is a Nigerian professional liar for hire By Arraale M Jaama investigative Journalist and Human Rights activist. Hargeisa(ANN)-Von Batten is a British-Nigerian with a background in Scotland, hence the name Batten, who uses several false aliases in an attempt to hide his identity; he is a liar for hire. This man is one of the financial and fraud groups that wrongly take millions of dollars from powerless people such as the people of Somalia and several governmental entities from Somalia, the US government that supports a small number of American and Somali politicians, who are in the same group. Groups like United Somalia Alliance led by Hibac and Yasin. Batten and his team have become a dangerous group for the East Africans. ALt:"Araweelo News" Also, he plays an important role in the conflicts and conflicts in many places, such as the Horn of Africa and West Africa, and serves foreign criminals and political groups that invade the peace and resources of the Horn of Africa and use conflicts and conflicts to endanger the resources of the region.   These groups usually have a background with aggressive regimes. The Puntland regime invited December 2022, Ilhan Omar to the Somali region. She chose to ignore the longest democratic country; did this have to do with her connection to Minnesota and the other tribes who decide there? The United Somalia Alliance group is located in Minnesota and their members come from the same tribe as Ilhan. Interesting enough, this is the same group of people. Von Batten works for after being denied by Somaliland official’s when he brought them a lobby proposal of mediocre magnitude. The anger of the denial shifted him to work with the opposition. How can a man first see the full potential and ambitions of Somaliland one day? But argue against their existence the other? Only a professional liar for hire and a shape shifter with a seemingly trustworthy British accent can do the job. The government of Somalia paid the man named Von Batten millions of dollars, being part of the problem of the LasAnod conflict in the Sool region, the Amnesty report against Nigerian police, Somaliland and Ethiopia, many non factual articles by paid journalists and at the same time organizing a conflict in the Somali region of Ethiopia, which of course has gas resources there that is of great interest to Western companies, especially those in the United States, by organizing a meeting related to these issues that was scheduled on the Zoom 29 Jun , with the participation of American politicians and former officials from the Somali Federal government The Araweelo News Network conducted a long investigation into the operations of the Scottish-Nigerian man, and the investigation and follow-up, which continued for a long time, revealed many things related to Mr. Von Batten. Although there are a lot of names that change as you would change your dirty underwear, his dirty laundry will be aired out, it was also found out in the investigation that there are a lot of groups that are connected to each other, which are American politicians, Somali politicians, companies, and other individuals, some of whom are in the Diaspora Somali community. The same groups sending millions of dollars from safe western countries to pay for weapons, internet Trolls and hate campaigns. Refugees, who have obtained residency in the United States, are using their safe haven to attack the East African region. With some success, Ethiopia recently needed to buy weapons from Iran because Von Batten lobbied for the Tigranians. The same time when Somalia had their troops fighting in the Tigray region according to a UN report. Von Batten denied working for TLPF directly; lobby records show he worked for the Tigray Information Center, which is like his company, a one man team. Karl Von Batten is a professional liar for hire, and his one man show together with paid freelancers are organizing to bring the Somali residents of Ethiopia & Somalilanders against their government. The groups surrounding Von batten create conflicts seemingly to destroy economic infrastructure which benefits a few. There are twitter spaces available where Von batten discusses the amount of oil available in the Sool and Sanaag region. Basic services that lead to delays in society, as in the case of Las Anod, undermine the peace and stability of the region. Sending Trolls on social media to stir up clan conflict and changing history is also in the playbook if we look at all the actors involved. But also organizing events and using Somaliland economic data in an attempt to make Somalia look better is part of his game. He has no shame in lying and counts on the silence of what he thinks is weak. There are DM’s available that we will show in a later stage where he calls Africans peasants. Well he sure tries to put gold on bullshit during the following event; On the 29th June 2023 am 15: 30 Moderated ambassador Eric Schultz former United States ambassador to republic of Zambia, Panel: H.E. Hassan Ali Khaire, former Prime minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Panel: Hon. Dan Burton, Former member of the House Committee on Foreign affairs, Panel: Ali Ifiye Ali Deputy Minister, Ministry of Fisheries and Bleu economy. Panel: Hon. Mursal Khalif Member of Parliament of the Federal Republic of Somalia, welcome to Address by Dr. Kral Von Batten, FRSPH, Founder of Von Batten-montague-York, Address by Mis. Hibaq Dualeh of the United Somali Alliance. Mohamed Farah of rising Nomads, Keynote Address by H.E. Hassan Ali Khaire Former Prime minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia. Introduction of the panel guests by Ambassador Eric Schultz the former United States ambassador to republic of Zambia. This event is intended to host several US entrepreneurs who will be told the lie of a successful Somalia using Somaliland data. Von Batten wanted Somaliland as a client before, but now uses their data. This event hosts unknowing speakers, but also known Somali politicians who do not fear to lie as they believe in a Somaliweyn ideology stemming from the Barre times. The other speakers follow the narrative if Ilham Omar, who claims to represent all Somalis, while they all represent just one tribe with relations to Puntland. Same goes for all Somali clients of Von Batten. Next to FGS he has been employed by Ogaden group, United Somalia Alliance, The Garaad’s. All enemies off Somaliland and all the lobby records show the intent to lobby against all efforts of Somaliland’s independence. He has a fake persona of caring for the Africans while he takes large sums of money. ALt: "Araweelo News" The liar for hire, who sometimes seems to be the leader of the network, has as job objective in lobbying to organize the whole lobby, this means events, bringing officials to the table and more, online he uses many names, it is known that his wife knows off these name changes and but we are not sure even she knows his original name, but the investigation and follow-up research at Araweelo News Network’s showed that he had an original Nigerian name. More on that in a later stage. First this;

Alt: “Araweelo News”

Our first moment of finding Von Batten was under the alias Robert Bruce, named himself after the former king of Scotland. Robert Bruce has a picture of two legs resting on a wooden table, in a presumably university lounge, with his dapper shoes on. ALt: "Van Batten" Araweelo NewsThe label of the Facebook profile shows two Nigerian lawyers sitting on a stool. This is clue number one that ties him to this profile. Second we can find a message send on April declaring the passing of a good friend. ” RIP Prince Adetokunbo A Adefioye. Roger, my dear friend”

At time of writing he changed his name to Alba Gu brath, which means Scotland forever.

ALt: "Araweelo News" Back to Prince Adetokunbo. Who is this man? Judging by his Facebook profile he like to live lavish. He looks like a typical Yahooboy, a Nigerian scammer. He had many advertisements offering to swap large cash sums for bitcoin. A perfect way to launder money. Looking further on his page we find “Dr.” Karl Von Batten. He is sitting on a yacht and is almost unrecognizable without his suite. Surrounded by two muscle man, one of which being prince, they are having fun on this yacht in the marina of Dubai.

_ ALt: “Araweelo News”

Later picture shows at least 4 different African women in expensive clothing. The men show expensive jewelry. This group of people interesting enough is one of the first clients of the Montague York Von Batten “group”, the 20th October project target Nigerian Police officials who had a campaign against organized crime in Lagos. Prince can be seen advocating against the SARS, the name or the Nigerian police force. Could it be that prince wanted to get rid of his competition? Did he sought his friend, a lawyer with a taste for materialism and power to help him construct a plan. What we know is that Robert Bruce, now Alba Gu Brath, we can almost not keep up with this shape shifter, made the official 20th of October page. Official US lobby records show the 20th of October project on the disclosure of Von Batten lobby office. ALt: "Araweelo News" Another reason linking Von Batten will be discussed later this week. What is his connection to the United Somalia Alliance? Who is Elizabeth, and did he really take the name Von Batten. What is his original Nigerian name and what does his family look like? We know the dark side of Von Batten and his hate for Africans is clear to us.   This is just the beginning. We will be releasing more on Von batten the following days leading up to the event held in the prestigious city of Washington. We want to urge all participants to not follow up with this untrustworthy man in his lobby ambitions. We also want to warn Somalilanders, Somalia citizens, US officials and African officials to stay away from this man. We know what he is. This is Von Batten week at Araweelo News Network.  Stay tuned,for other parts of the report.



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By Arraale M Jama Freelance Journalist and Human Rights activist.