The first time, Kenya Goverment sent an ambassador to Somalland (Captital Hergesia) which is likely to upset Federal Goverment of Somalia Mogadishu.


President William Ruto nominated and redeployed Ambassadors Somaliland and other countries and High Commissioners in changes announced Wednesday evening according to Presidential press office.

The first time, Kenya Government sent an ambassador Abdi Weli Muhamad Hussein to Somaliland (Capital Hergesia) which is likely to upset Federal Government of Somalia Mogadishu.

The reshuffle which was initiated in line with Article 132 (2)(e) of the Constitution saw Willy Betty moved from India to Beijing as the new High Commissioner in China, according to Presidential press office.

Ambassador Betty Chebet sent to the Kenyan Embassy in France while Stella Orina has been reassigned to the embassy in Berlin, Germany.

Tabu Irina was moved to Dublin Ireland, George Morara to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia while Philip Mudian has been sent to Maputo, Zanzibar.

Issac Parashina was sent to Abuja, Nigeria, Fredrick Musambili to Rome, Italy and Angeline Kavindu was stationed in Stockholm, Sweden.

Others named include Jane Wairimu (Pretoria, South Africa); Col Rtd Shem Amadi (Kinshasa, DRC); Sabdio Dido (Gaborone, Botswana); Jeremy Nyamasyo (Juba, South Sudan); Jeremy Laibuttah (Khartoum, Sudan); George Macgoye (Djibouti) and Joyce Khasimwa (Luanda, Angola).
Others are Janet Mwawasi (Kigali, Rwanda); Kiringo Kubai (Mogadishu, Somalia); Mercy Mueni (Arusha, Tanzania); Abdi Weli (Hargeisa, Somalia); Fouzia Abdirahman (Bern, Switzerland); Sharon Ole Sein (Mdrid, Spain); Maurice Makoloo (Vienna, Austria); and Prof Peter Ngure has been redeployed as the new head of mission, UNESCO in Paris, France.

Other envoys affected in the reshuffle include Peter Munyiri who now becomes the new High Commissioner to New Delhi, India, Emmy Jerono (Seoul, South Korea); John Ekitela (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia); Wilson Kogo (Canberra, Australia); Mohamed Ramadhan (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia); Lt Gen Albert Kendagor (Tel Aviv, Israel) and Mohamed Nor Adan (Doha, Qatar).
Ruto also made 14 appointments for office holders as deputy ambassadors.

They include James Waweru (Geneva, Switzerland); Kasera Achayo (Paris, France); Edwin Afande (London, UK); Valerie Rugene (Berlin, Germany); Irene Maswan (Moscow, Russia); and Daniel Cheruiyot,(Brussels, Belgium), Anthony Mayo Ngugi (The Hague), Jane Khasoa (UNESCO, Paris), Terry Ramadhani (New Delhi, India) and Moni Manyange (Ottawa, Canada).

Others are Lynett Mwendwa (Beijing, China), Jackline Kenani (Seoul, South Korea), Arthur Andambi (Tokyo, Japan) and Daniel Nganda (Dubai), according to Presidential press Office.

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By Arraale M Jama Freelance Journalist and Human Rights activist.

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