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Telesom Dahabshiil
Published On: Tue, Aug 4th, 2020



written by Abdul Bari Taher, an Arab scholar.

Hamed Jama is a name named after the region, as there is no one who knows how to cherish his condition as Hamed Jama, and he is the collector of all revolutionary and human qualities; He has the full share of his name

“Somali” is the nickname; Since I knew it in the early seventies of the last century and Somali is the definition (the real name), thanks to the inclusive or inhibiting definition of my companion his path: Dr. Abdul Rahman Abdullah, and Omar Al-Jawi in dedicating this name that has become the most beloved to the mood of Hamed Jama Hussein (aka حامد جامع)  and his passion.

Hamed Jama, one of the flags of the Marxist Left, was brought up and raised in the school of the Arab thinker, Professor of Generations Abdullah Abdul Razzaq Badib.

In the euphoria of the spread of Marxist thought, the transformations of the early 1970s, and the movement of the two great nationalist trends: the Arab Nationalist Movement, and the Arab Socialist Resurgence in Yemen to Marxism – the youth of the Marxist Tendency (UDF) began to fidget under the influence of the major global paradigms and plurality of currents; After the emergence of the role of the Soviet Union, the victory of China and Cuba, the struggle of Vietnam, the growing role of leftist nationalist movements and national liberation movements, the culture of the Arab left in Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Algeria, and the new leftist trends (Guevara, Trotskyism), and others – a modern Marxist tendency represented by many young people At the forefront of them is Hamed Jama, and these young people were more enthusiastic about anything new in life and thought, and they were passionate about change and rebellion, and the presence of a degree of will and rebellion.


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The Somali Hamed Jama was next to his friend Mohamed Abdullah Al-Somali, the most prominent title in the call for Marxist renewal, and the city of Aden – the title of the independence state – led by the National Front – was obsessed with the struggle of right and left more than preoccupation with building the new authority, or paying attention to the responsibilities and problems of independence in a poor and scarce country. . The political and ideological concern was the largest in public life and preoccupation.

Al-Somali was distinguished by his interest in intellectual and literary issues and translation early. The second part of “Mission in the South of the Island” was translated by the British David Smiley, and the book is a proven record of the activities of the counterrevolutionary forces, and the role of Britain, America, France and Saudi Arabia against the September 26 revolution.

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Comrade Hamed indulged in the intellectual, cultural and creative aspect; So he translated Castro’s book “Religion,” which is a collection of dialogues, lectures and articles for the Cuban leader on religion, as indicated by the poet and writer Mohamed Abdel-Wahab Al-Shaibani. The aforementioned refers to another book translated by Jama to the memoirs of an English officer and politician on recent years in Aden, stressing the existence of manuscripts of translated books, articles, studies, and reflections.

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I continued the numbers of “wisdom” that Hamed Jama worked as an editorial secretary for, as was the language editor in it, and published many of his articles and translations from them – for example, not limited to – translating some articles by David Smiley, and a topic entitled “The Fruits of Anger Mighted” by Zadna Kossi, and a story of Gabriel Garcia Marquez “What divination did not predict”, in addition to translations in magazines such as “Issues of the Times” and “New Culture”.

Hamed Jama Hussein (aka حامد جامع) , has been a star in the sky of culture, literature and life from the 1970s until his passing.

Somali is the ideal expression of the mature left, and the world aware of the nature of Yemen and its problems read and absorbed deeply its history, and the experience of its revolution in the two parts, and had in his discussions a deep vision, the literature, objectivity, balance and democracy.

The maturity of the Somali thinking and vision of Marxism avoided falling into the traps of the false or empty revolutionary sentence as Lenin calls it; Stay away from the bloody and bloody conflict.

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In 1995 the Ali Nasser Mohamed Center was preparing to meet in the Emirates, and I was invited. Khaled Al-Zikr Omar Al-Jawi provided me with a message to Ali Nasser Jalalha on the Somali side, and the letter is a literary piece on his friend and companion on his path. Less than a week before his death, Aziz Ahmad Kalz called him, so I spoke to him and he promised me, and he promised me often to meet in Sanaa, and Hamed Jama left to stay alive, full of hearing, sight and heart; The unforgettable praise of man; It is a symbol of the mature left that does not know the wars of Dahsh and Ghabra, stripped of its sins and burden, and it lives it, not like it, as a good in Thamoud.


This original article is one of hundreds of articles dedicated to the death of Hamud Jama Hussein, written by Abdul Bari Taher, an Arab scholar.




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