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The #Somaliland Advocacy #Group has written a letter to #US President #Joe@Biden on the issue of the #Republic of #Somaliland.


In a #statement the Somaliland #Advocacy Group has written to White House they talked about it the issue of the Republic of Somaliland, its independence and the stages it has gone through.

The letter to US President Joe Biden, reads as follows:






                                                                                                                                   MAY, 18. 2021




We have the honor to address this letter today of the Independent Republic of Somaliland, to you, US Congress behalf of the Citizens of Somaliland Republic.

Somaliland Advocacy Group is an activist Organization of political, established in 1988 to serve as political arm of the “Somali National Movement SNM “.  And May 1991 Become SAG.

Somaliland Advocacy Group is to promote the interest of our infant State.  Its main mission is to find ways in which we can alleviate the misery and suffering of our fellow brothers and sisters back home in Somaliland. Our objective to chart the way for a new and better future our people in any way possible.

We have to realize that we are not different from the former Yugoslavia, Soviet Union, Sudan,and Ethiopia, who break up into different Independent countries.  If Southern Sudan, Eritrea, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Croatia and Bosnia can be a Sovergn countries, why not in Somaliland?  We have to have the will, the political will and collective will.  We have a right to get self-determination and get recognition from the world.

Everybody must believe and understand that the past can no longer be re-crated, and there will be no more of the artificial Nation-State of the so-call Great Somalia.  We have dreams; Dreams born of the new mood of desperation: Dream of Sovereignty of dignity, of Education, Health, Employment, Social Welfare and so on.  If you can travel to the end of the world to bring hope to those who would otherwise never know it.  You know the meaning of courage.

The Government of Somaliland Republic is the effective and unchallenged authority of the in Somaliland.  The dramatic changes of the political map of Europe and Africa set presidents that support our case. Our unilateral declaration of independent is not secession; it is a restoration of past status Que.  We got our independent on June 26, 1960 from British and the Southern Somalia on 1st July 1960.  We are independent Five days ahead off the Southern Somalia.  As that we did once end for all.

The political map of the Horn of Africa with the rise of Eritrea, Southern Sudan and Somaliland has also change “The New World Order “favors the downfall of African Dictators.  That is being swept by the current wind of change in Africa.

Our independence and separate statehood is not subject of negotiations.  Our unilateral declaration of the sovereign state of Somaliland is IRREVERSIBLE.  The warring factions of the Somalia are not likely to entertain at the moment a peaceful settlement of their problems.  Political solution in the absence of a Somalian partner is a remote possibility.  The recognition of our newly born Republic is held up for the fact that Somalia not as an entity is non-existent.  Our case for recognition should not suffer for factors beyond our control.  The international community should view our case on its own merit.

I should therefore be considered for immediate recognition and development aid in order to help us cope with the tremendous problems we face.