What was The secret agenda that Doterra gave the aid money to Anjanette DeCarlo ?

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Firstly, No one is allowed to be oppressed or mistreated, whether it’s Barkhad or someone else, but the important thing to know is that Barkhad and Anjanneta disagree with over a million dollars in aid, with the aim of improving health and education in the Sanaag area, nobody knows where the money has gone or if the money has been spent.

To convince the company that donated the money, she sent fake pictures of schools and hospitals to dottera and told them that these facilities were the ones they had constructed.

The company has now sued Ajanneta over the money, which is one of the reasons why she writes deception stories and groundless allegations.

She said, ” she was raped, she never talked about it to anybody, and that she remained silent”. Five years later, she says that.

Anjanette DeCarlo was convicted of embezzling millions of dollars in donations and falsely claiming that SOMALILAND incense was contaminated.

Anjanette DeCarlo

Along with other friends, I was one of the few people who focused on her dirty work from the time she arrived in the country and during his last days in the country.

Anjanette DeCarlo tells fake stories to begin with, the articles and interviews she is currently giving are the reaction and fury that was triggered by her expulsion from SOMALILAND.

She was kicked out after being found guilty of embezzlement of millions of dollars from Doterre and Lush to promote the incense business in SOMALILAND and support the infrastructure of the people of the Sanaag region.

The secret agenda that Doterra gave the aid money to Anjanette DeCarlo was the fact and their desire to seize or take the Somaliland frankincense market alone.

After seeing the huge turnover they received in 2017 from SOMALILAND according to their recent press release, which was $4.2 billion, according to doTerra, a statement that is still available in different media worldwide.

Anjanette then engaged in flagrant interference and an open campaign to eliminate or shut down the local companies of Frankenstein from SOMALILAND.

Watch here:

People of the Sanaag region protesting about this lady and her campaign, an issue raised by individuals who have committed to protecting their country and sharing information directly with the SOMALILAND government in this regard.

Watch the false progress that the company says they have made in the Sanaag region here.  They said they provided treatment for 2,000 patients. What a farce. A hospital that has never been built in Sanaag area, nor anywhere in SOMALILAND.

Watch here Dottera’s refusal to respond to questions about the incense she buys in Somaliland and the false progress of hospitals and schools that have reportedly been built in Somaliland, particularly in the Sanaag area.

Anjanette DeCarlo is well known throughout Africa. Watch Anjannetta take advantage of Sierra Leon diamonds.

Anjanetta DeCarlo in Ethiopia.

This is Anjanette and doTTerra explaining the incense gum at their conference.

Below is a representative of the Somaliland authority who confirms that the Somaliland incense is healthy and therefore not in accordance with what Anjanette DeCarlo reported.

Watch the warning from residents of the Sanaag area about Anjanette Decarlo’s trip to the Sanaag area and its reasons.

This woman arrived in Somaliland with millions of dollars in financial assistance for the development and installation of schools and hospitals in the Sanaag region.

Sanaag, Somaliland, is the region where the world’s most expensive incense is growing and being sold. Frankincense is used to make various products, Including medicine and fragrances, It is commonly used as a scent in soaps, lotions, hair oil, shampoos and body wash liquid soap.

Aid funds for the construction of schools, hospitals and water wells for the people of the Sanaag region were stolen by this group, led by Anjanette DeCarlo, Anjannete Decarlo immediately coveted the aid money that belonged to the people of the Sanaag area.

She soon began spreading propaganda about our incense, alleging that the Somaliland incense was infected with fatal diseases that will hurt everyone who buys.

After in-depth investigations and an exchange of information by the Somaliland government, the authorities issued a warning to Anjannete Decarlo.

1.            To stop its miserable, unsuccessful and damaging propaganda against Somaliland incense.

2.            Financing for the implementation of projects confirmed by the donor form to the Somaliland government.

However, this woman Anjannete Decarlo ignored the government’s warning and continued her murderous actions against SOMALILAND incense.

She was later convicted of embezzlement of the aid money and the clear lies about the frankincense’s good condition and well-being, what would have impaired SOMALILAND’s economy if the Somaliland authorities had not dealt with it in a timely manner..

Soon after the verdict, the Somaliland government promptly and justifiably decided to expel Anjanette DeCarlo indefinitely.

The reason for the eviction was due to her misuse of donations from the Doterre company who buys the largest amount of incense gum in Somaliland.

The dOTTERE company who are ALREADY exploited and taken advantage of for buying the Somaliland Frankincense at an unjust and an unreasonable price of less than $6 or 7 a kilo, while it costs between $700 and $800 a kilogram in the USA and in some European countries.

The entire population of Somaliland welcomed and congratulated the government of Somaliland decision to expel or remove Anjanette DeCarlo from Somaliland for an indefinite period, a decision that was actually a positive step or movement.

DOTERRA’s turnover on Sthe Somaliland incense for the year 2017 alone was 4.2 billion dollars.

DōTERRA’s executive director stated that the amount of money given to the incense community in the Sanaag region was millions of dollars of money to develop and establish various schools and health centers for the inhabitants of the Sanaag area, projects which were in fact in high demand in the region.

The dOTTERE company confirmed that the donation is accounted to an advance of $ 3.3 million, which was paid to Anjanette DeCarlo account, who was the chief person appointed and in charge of aid by the dOTTERE company, the money that never came to Somaliland and was ultimately coveted greedily by Anjanette DeCarlo.

What are the reasons for her recent defamatory and libelous articles towards not only Barkhad Hassan but the whole country.  Barkhad, whom we all knew, was a close friend and business companion.

I have my doubts and am wary of her new slanderous articles which she accuses Barkhad Hasan, who was her business partner. 

I don’t think the allegations of assault and other outrageous allegations occurred at all?

An issue that was never raised or disclosed by Anjanette while in Somaliland five or six years ago, which, if a complaint was filed with the authorities during that time, could certainly have repercussions, which, without a doubt, would have imprisoned Barkhad had he been convicted,

Given that the nature and alleged crimes of Barkhad are among the gravest crimes in Somaliland or elsewhere in the world.

My question to Anjannete is, why wait and raise the issue four or five years down the road?

Anyone who was following Anjannetta and her story from the beginning and I would only think that this allegation is fully related or associated with their dispute on development funds intended for the establishment of infrastructure in the Sanaag region’s education and healthcare. Lord knows. Allahu yaclam,

Furthermore, one would think that this allegation is now being made when Anjannetta is being on trial or charged by her company that has provided millions of dollars in humanitarian assistance for the development of education and healthcare in Somaliland which proved to be a total lie, deception and non-existence.

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By. A Yasin Jama