Hargeisa (ANN)-The government of the Republic of Somaliland has expressed sadness over the death of the great Somali poet Jama Kediye after it was confirmed last night that he passed away in Las Anod, the capital of the Sool region.

Poet Jama Kediye, who has had conflicting reports about the cause of his death, was buried today in Las Anod, and his funeral was attended by some of the traditional leaders of the Sool region, the militias in Las Anod and the public.

The traditional wisdom of Sool explained that the Poet’s death was caused by a shell fired by Somaliland forces in the city on Wednesday, and he died when a shell hit the Poet’s car while passing through a market place, although the Somaliland government denied such news.

One of the Garade’s of the Sool region, who was speaking at the funeral of poet Jama Kediye, said, “There was a cowardly attack of shelling in the city. The poet’s car was hit by a shell, and he was killed.”


However, a press release that came out on Thursday expressed great sadness to hear of the death of poet Jama Kediye, and the government of Somaliland blamed the groups it calls extremists fighting in Las Anod, who said that the purpose of the killing was to bring the people against the government of Somaliland, which the government of Somaliland noted was similar to the previous killings carried out in Las Anod, targeting the leaders of the community with the intention of inciting the community as they have done in the past. Said the press release issued today by the Ministry of Defense of Somaliland.

Our Thoughts and condenses go out to the Family, friends, and all those who admitted the remarkable talents of Jama Kediye. He legacy remains a testament to the power of art to inspire and unite communities. added the press release.

“We wish to clarify that no armed conflict accoured between Somaliland and the coalition of militias, Puntland, or the notorious terrorist group in Las Anod. The Ministry of De fence of Somaliland remains committed to Peace and stability in the region, working tirelessly to ensure the safety and security of all citizens.” said the press statement Ministry of defense Somaliland.

ALt: Araweelo News Network.

On the other hand, the local and international media reported in different ways the reason for the death of the great Somali poet, who was a creator, a well-known scholar in the Somali region, and who had a struggle and culture that spread throughout the Horn region. In Africa and elsewhere, there is no independent investigation or reliable independent information that can truly confirm the cause of his death and how it happened.


Therefore, Araweelo News Network is saddened by the death of Poet Jama Kediye. It cannot determine the cause of the death of poet Kediye or who is responsible.

Araweelo News shared her grief with the Somali community and the family of the late poet, Jama Kediye. And they are praying to God to bestow his mercy on all the Somali community and give them patience and sincere faith.

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By Arraale M Jama Freelance Journalist and Human Rights activist.