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“Somali Shakespeare” the death of the poet Mohamed Ibrahim Hadrawi in his hometown in Somaliland – Al-Jezeera

Hargeisa(ANN)-International media have written widely about the death of poet Mohamed Ibrahim Warsame Hadrawi

The Arab media have written long articles about the death of the poet, with different headlines showing the death of the famous Somali poet and his role.

“He was raised and raised in Tawahi, Aden city, born in 1943, he received his first education in the Holy Quran in one of its Quranic cells “The Mal’ama”, who completed primary, preparatory and secondary school there, and when he finished his high school, he appointed a teacher in one of its schools Bill of independence from Britain. According to Alayam newspaper one of the oldest newspapers published on the city of Aden in Yemen country.

The Late received the Prince Claus Award for Literary Character. The newspaper added in its article. “Hal-karaan is a huge book that collects all his poems from 1970-1990, published in the Norwegian capital Oslo in 1993.”

Al-Jazeera also wrote a long article with the following headline:

“Somali Shakespeare” the death of the poet Mohamed Ibrahim Hadrawi in his hometown in Somaliland

The Somali poet Mohamed Ibrahim Warsame – known as Hadrawi, nicknamed “Somali Shakespeare” – passed away yesterday, Thursday, in the Somaliland region, where he was living.

Hadrawi, who passed away at the age of 79, is considered one of Somalia’s most famous poets. He is highly respected in Somali society, and has been suffering from health problems for seven years.

At the age of nine, Hadrawi moved to live with his uncle in the Yemeni port city of Aden. After his country’s independence, he returned to Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, and worked at Radio Mogadishu and then in the State Information Department.

Hadraoi, who composed dozens of songs and poetic epics, spent 5 years in prison between 1973 and 1978 under the military dictatorship of Mohamed Siad Barre, for criticizing the regime through his writings, especially his poem “Sinly” and the play “Twak”, both of which are criticism of the military government.

After his release, he found asylum in Ethiopia and moved to England, before finally settling in his home region of Somaliland. Hadrawi did not have any children and his wife died last March.” according to Al-Jazeera reported.

“These were the details of the death of a famous Somali poet who grew up in the governorate of Aden. We hope that we have succeeded by giving you the full details and information.” According quoted to

Also, Sahafi1, said, “The death of a famous Somali poet who grew up in Aden”, While there are other international and western media that have written about the death of the poet Mohamed Ibrahim Warsame “Hadrawi” and published on the front pages of the media the headlines that talk about the death of the poet and the impact that the poet had on the Somali community and the rest of the world, In terms of his literature and philosophy.

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