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Hargeisa(ANN)-Sixty-two years later, the Republic of Somaliland commemorates the historic anniversary of 26 June 1960, when Somaliland gained independence from the United Kingdom of (Great Britain.)

The Republic of Somaliland entered into a treaty with the colonial powers, which was to protect the country and its people, and the agreement that it was the historical treaty that did not allow colonialism. But was to protect the country’s people and sea, with the elderly and intellectuals signing strict conditions with the United Kingdom.

It is not possible for today’s political leaders to enter, such an agreement, given the depth of the terms of the agreement reached with the elders and intellectuals of Somaliland during the British Empire of 1884.

Unfortunately, the British grant to Somaliland independence was easily lost on June 26, 1960, when it was unconditionally transferred to Italian-occupied Somalia four days later.

A British newspaper at the time wrote an astonishing article on the issue, headlining the country that had rejected its independence, referring to Somaliland.

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“Somaliland was the country that refused to have its independence,” quoted the Daily Herald Newspaper in London, according to an article on the Somliland independence it has thrown published on its front page after three days.

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Sixty-two years later, Somaliland has sought international recognition for regaining its independence, despite the fact that Somaliland has become a democracy and a prosperous state that has completed its system of government.

Map is showing British Somaliland before Indepedent 26 Jun 1960, Araweelo News Network Archive.

This left the people of Somaliland in a state of genocide and oppression under the 1969 military coup that overthrew the Somali government, and led to a long and bloody struggle for the people of Somaliland to regain their lost independence, and for the Republic of Somaliland to regain its independence.

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In May 1991, thirty-one years after Somaliland enjoyed a multi-party democracy, security, stability and elections, with three Presidents taking over power peacefully, with three local council elections and two parliamentary elections.

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Daily Herald Newspaper at London, Image Archive Araweelo News Netork

Here is quoted from the Daily Herald Newspaper of London at that time, published on the front page of the newspaper:

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