The president of Somaliland inaugurated the expansion of oil tanks with the investment of Trafigura



Berbera(ANN)- The President of the Republic of Somaliland, His Excellency Muse Behi Abdi, has today officially launched a project to expand the fuel tanks in Berbera, which he said will cost 50 million dollars with the investment made by Trafigura, which was already taken over by the administration for tanks and fuel delivery.


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Trafigura investigated for alleged corruption, market manipulation

The president of the Republic of Somaliland, Mr. Muse Behi Abdi who gave a brief speech at the ceremony, welcomed the project to build the petrol store, he pointed that they will promise the security of the company and their economy, and he said, “Somaliland is promising the Trafigura Company for peace, cooperation and development, its economy, its people. And their equipment will be safe in Somaliland.”


The president took his speech about individuals trying to disturb the peace and unity of the people, he pointed out that the enemies of Somaliland are fighting to destroy the country, but the civilians are on that issue,


“In the world God has created evil and good and the life of human beings are connected to it, always. The goodness, the development that is being turned to good is the enemy that is working for Satan or the devil that is causing problems to the people. said President Muse Behi.


“I say that the people who are causing problems in Somaliland today are the enemies of Somaliland who want Somaliland not to have economic and political development. he added.

But I am confident that the people of Somaliland are united to oppose those who oppose development and to prevent anything that is against the peace, development, government, and nationalism of Somaliland, and that is why we must defend ourselves, said President Behi Abdi.


Mr. Behi Abdi thanked the big companies in the country and said that the investments they made in the country have attracted foreign investment and international companies to the country, and he cited Haji Mohamed Saeed Duale, the owner of Dhabshiil Group, as an example.


On the other hand Mr. Hadi Hallouche on behalf of the new petroleum company Trafigura, praised Somaliland for the cooperation and the showed, and he told that as a company is ready for the project to build the fuel store.


Trafigura has already entered into an agreement with the government of Somaliland, although it is not known what kind of agreement it is, and at that time there were international scandals linked to the Trafigura  Company. Some happened in African and Latin American countries, especially the Ivory Coast, after being accused of toxic waste in the country, which caused health problems.

Ivory Coast exiled the company from its country when it was discovered that it had buried dangerous chemicals in industrial waste that claimed the lives of hundreds of Africans and deprived them of their compensation.


In 2009, the Guardian fought a landmark legal battle to reveal Trafigura’s links to the dumping of toxic waste in the Ivory Coast, causing a public health crisis that affected more than 100,000 people. Effects included breathing difficulties, nausea, stinging eyes and burning skin. Trafigura eventually paid more than £32m to claimants affected by the waste.

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By Arraale M Jama Freelance Journalist and Human Rights activist.