The Ethiopia-Somaliland Agreement

Mr.Faysal Roble, a Somali-American citizen, has been using social media platforms to disseminate support for Al-Shabaab, a militant Islamic terrorist group operating primarily in Somalia. His controversial statements include calls to deploy 10,000 Al- Shabaab fighters along the border between Ethiopia and Somaliland to destabilize the region. This has raised significant security concerns given Al-Shabaab’s history of violence and terrorism.

Background on Al-Shabaab and the Regional Context

Al-Shabaab, an extremist group affiliated with Al-Qaeda, has been involved in numerous terrorist attacks across Somalia and neighboring countries. The group
funds its operations through various illicit activities, including extortion, illegal taxation, and smuggling of goods such as charcoal and etc. Despite being pushed back by African Union and Somali forces, Al-Shabaab remains a potent threat due to its ability to exploit political and clan divisions within Somalia and its neighboring regions.

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