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Hargeisa(ANN)-A delegation of international observers from the Brenthurst Foundation, an international institute that monitored Somaliland’s May 31, 2021 local council and parliamentary elections, issued a lengthy report outlining the conduct of the elections.

The group of 21 members from several countries visited Somaliland between 26 May and 2 June 2021 to observe the Parliamentary and Local Government elections on 31 May 2021 at the invitation of President Muse Bihi Abdi. agreed and handed over to the presidency on the 1st. June 2021.

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One of the polling stations for the Somaliland elections on 31 May 2021, Image Araweelo News Network ..

The director of the Brenthurst Foundation, Dr Greg Mills, led the group and reported on their understanding of the elections during their observations and experiences in Somaliland.
They also reported on their meetings with the “Somaliland National Electoral Commission” (NEC), the President, national media parties and civil society organizations.

The report also highlighted the history of the Somaliland nation, its history, the transparency of the elections,security issues and other interesting issues.


See the full report by international observers from the Brenthurst Foundation here.

Somaliland Elections final Report, Araweelo News Network 6 Jun 2021.

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By Arraale M Jama Freelance Journalist and Human Rights activist.

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