Ilhan Omar is saddened by the removal of the member of the Congress Committee, see crocodile tears

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Washington(ANN)-MP Ilhan Omar was removed from the influential Foreign Affairs Committee. after it was seen that it interfered with political issues, some of which are the American plan to deal with the politics of the Horn of Africa region, especially the Somali issues.

Some of the Somali community were initially happy that she became the first Somali woman to enter the United States Congress, but some of them retreated when they associated her with actions that were not politically and reputationally worthy of a member of the United States Congress. and some of them related that Ilhan Omar was involved in the crisis that broke out in Las Anod, Somaliland, which was peaceful before her visit a Puntland few weeks ago.

who came to the United States as a young refugee, had a good opportunity and the support of the Somali community to become a member of the American Congress, but the division of the tribal political system pushed her down. which ultimately led to his expulsion. The foreign affairs committee influences the international politics of the United States.

However, her colleagues in the Democratic Party in the Congress of Women expressed their grievances, calling the dismissal of Ilhan Omar, a Muslim woman who was a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, an attack on Ilhan by the Republican Party.

The Republicans, who control the House of Congress, therefore, came up with the plan and explained it as racism and hatred.

Ilhan Omar and her friends of the Democratic Party of Congress Women expressed their grievances and lamented this move.

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By Arraale M Jama Freelance Journalist and Human Rights activist.