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#Hargeisa(ANN)-#Somaliland#Election and finished #peacefully and gain, and to attract the eyes of the#world, from the media to the world#organizations and#governments.



Diplomats and observers spoke of how they occurred about Somaliland Elections, which have witnessed how they occurred in the territory of Somaliland and how people their cast ballots in the Elections.

They pointed out that the Republic of Somaliland, which has not yet received international recognition, but is an example of security, democracy and elections in the region and elsewhere.

Djibouti’s Minister of Finance and Secretary General of the RPP, Ilayas Mohamed Dawaleh, praised the Republic of Somaliland for the peaceful elections on 31 May 2021

“Warmest congratulations to #Somaliland’s People and Leadership for the Successful and Peaceful Elections, with perfect Electoral Process. We commend and value the Stability and Maturity of.” Djibouti’s Finance Minister Ilayas Mohamed Dawaleh wrote on his Twitter account.

Besides, the former President of Sierra Leone 2007-2018, Ernest Bai Koroma, described the peace and democracy in Somaliland as an honour and a great achievement for Africa, posting on his Twitter account as he walked through the commercial market in the Somaliland capital. There is no one to protect them.

“Walking around the Business Center of Hargeisa, #Somaliland, feeling that sense of #peace, security and honour that should inspire other nations in #Africa and around the world,.” wrote on his Twitter account. Ernest Bai Koroma.

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Ernest Bai Koroma, is one of more than a hundred international observers, including diplomats, experts from international organizations and institutions, which are to be a witness to local elections and representatives of the Republic of Somaliland held 31 May 2021, which ended peacefully, but their results are awaited in the coming days. according to the chairman of the electoral commission, Abdirashid Mohamuod Ali,(Riyaraac).



Also Dr. J. Peter Pham, a senior US diplomat, spoke about the Somaliland elections in a post on his Twitter account.


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By Arraale M Jama Freelance Journalist and Human Rights activist.

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