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#Somali massacred in #Ethiopia

Addis Ababa(ANN)-The main road between Ethiopia and Djibouti has been closed following a massacre in the Garba-Isse area of northern Sitti region in Ethiopia’s fifth Somali region.

The Afar Liberation Front (ALF) has invaded the region, which has been embroiled in a long-running dispute with the Somali regional administration zone five.

It located on the main road and railway line between Ethiopia and Djibouti, it is the route of 70% of the supply of Ethiopia, a landlocked country.

The administration of Somali regional state of Ethiopia has spoken about the alarming reports from the town of Garba-Isse in the western region of Sitti region, formerly known as Shinile in Ethiopia.

The Deputy Minister of Information of the Somali Regional State, Salad Dhabar Yusuf, said that a massacre took place in Garba-Isse area, and the Somali-Ethiopian administration said that they are making sure that the people of Garba-Isse area and the surrounding areas they are protected.

He said it was their responsibility to protect civilians and not to watch the massacre, noting that nearly 300 people had been massacred in the area last Saturday.

But residents of Garba-Isse described the announcement of the Somali regional state of Ethiopia as unfortunate.

Ahmed Roble, a resident of Garba-Isse, said they do not need any help from the Somali regional state of Ethiopia in the fifth region, but they need the help of the Somali people.

Abdinur Malim Hassan, chairman of the Freedom and Equality Party of the Somali Regional State of Ethiopia in the Fifth Region, said he went to Garba-Isse to witness the violence, and said the bodies were still lying on the streets, 300 and more massacred in the area.

“People were not spared even when they fled for their lives and entered mosques and barracks of the Ethiopian federal army, and were massacred. It is a matter of conscience. It is disgraceful what has happened. The Federal Government of Ethiopia needs to pay attention to this, those who did it must be held accountable It is not possible for it to continue like this, it has only got worse ” He said.

In the western part of the Sitti region, formerly known as Shinile in Ethiopia, in the town of Garaba-Isse, there have been repeated clashes after the former administration of Abdi Mohamud Omar (Ileey’) handed to the local administration of Afar the areas of Cadhuufo, Addeeyto and Garbo-Isse. Was part of the Somali region of Ethiopia, but was brought under the control of the Afar regional  administration,  since then there has been violence between Somalis and Afar.

However, the new administration, Mustafe Cagjar, on March 3, 2019, issued a resolution suspending the previous agreement that placed the former administration under the Afar administration.

That is why the ongoing killings and massacres are still taking place in the area, with the latest reports from the latest incident last Saturday suggesting the massacre of an estimated 150 to 300 civilians, who were residents. Garba-Isse, and was attacked by the Afar Front.


Meanwhile, fighting between TPLF and the Amhara are thriving, the defence forces TDF Tigray advancing towards the capital of Gondor in Amhara.

Getachew Reda, spokesperson for the TPLF, told Reuters on Monday its fighters had reached Zarima, about 140 km (87 miles) north of Gondar, one of Amhara’s largest cities.

“The last time I had communications with them was yesterday evening, they were in Zarima,” Getachew said. Earlier on Sunday, he said, the fighters had taken over the town of Chew Ber, which is about 115 km south of Adi Arkay, the first town in Amhara that Tigrayan fighters seized over the weekend. But Reuters agency said it could not confirm the claim.


The Amhara administration has begun mobilizing troops to resist Tigray, training people to defend themselves. and the situation appears to have spread to other parts of the country.

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By Arraale M Jama Freelance Journalist and Human Rights activist.

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