#Somaliland: What does We have to do to get a recognition from the international Community? said Awale Shirwa, the former Minister of Planning of Somaliland, and one of the academics who spoke about Somaliland’s issues, said in his article about how Somaliland would get recognition in the world at this time.

Mr. Awale Shirwa, in his post on his “X” Twitter account, began as follows:-

Somaliland Getting international Recognition NOW depends on which doors  we visit and what arguments we present: Getting international recognition for SOMALILAND is far much closer than many of us think but is our approach right? Key to this : Is making or having a concise, well thought, current & key points which officials present everywhere.

What #Somaliland should be focusing was a concise few lines talking point:

Aside from the historical, legal and moral reasons why #Somaliland should be recognised; the key people presenting SOMALILAND case to the world in these crucial months ( during the crises) must have used compelling arguments ( economic & security) which points out what Independent & recognised Republic of SOMALILAND could contribute world Economy & Security.

A concise talking 5 to 6 strong points, which every government official, every representative, and every envoy uses. Unfortunately that is not happening now.

Today I am suggesting one (?Economic & Security) argument with compelling info graphics: Why International Communities/ Key Countries must recognise Somaliland.👇 _______________________________________ “A recognised Republic of Somaliland will help the World “ secure and save passage of Bab-El -Mandeb Strait). And failure to Recognise Republic of Somaliland, the subsequent economic & security consequences could be very costly to both global economy & security.”

By. Awale .I.  Shirwa.