Washington is losing an opportunity to shore up its position in Somaliland, a strategic part of the world

#Somaliland is 70 miles from the heart of the #Bab el-Mandeb waterway.

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U.S. is losing an opportunity to shore up its position in Somaliland, a strategic part of the world.

That said, a lengthy report analyzing the strategic importance of Somaliland to the world and the neglect of the United States Joshua Meservey.

Author, Joshua, is the Senior Policy Analyst for Africa and the Middle East at the Heritage Foundation.

Somaliland is 70 miles from the heart of the Bab el-Mandeb waterway.

Joshua Meservey, also commented on The situation in Djibouti, that, especially strengthens the strategic rationale for recognizing Somaliland.

Joshua Meservey, in his report, “Missing Opportunities in Somaliland“, published by

The Biden administration has made democracy promotion a pillar of its foreign policy, yet it is missing the chance to add a democracy to the international community

The U.S. should be seeking out areas of calm where it can make meaningful progress for its interests without fear it will all be swept away overnight by instability, he said, Joshua Meservey, explained in his report on the issue.

The region’s challenges and strategic role in Somaliland,

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