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ll# Somaliland nation as a whole on the peaceful 2021# elections

#Special c#ongratulations to Maroodijeex Region.

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extend my first special congratulations to my two elected parliamentary close friends, Eng Ahmed Abdi Ibrahim (Timajilic), and to the former Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mohammed Saed.

Congratulations, kudos, this is a groundbreaking and revolutionary accomplishment for you and your hard-working people.

Dear Eng Ahmed and Mohamed Saed, I heartily congratulate you on your tireless work and never give up attitude or abandonment towards what you believed in and your God given constitutional rights.

Secondly, I offer my humble thanks, respect and gratitude to the inhabitants of Maroodijeex, particularly to the younger Somaliland generation who chose and voted for their respected candidates without the influence of their Elders or Tribes.
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Although, I congratulate all Somaliland regions, the government, the NEC, and the national parties good behavior and their peaceful participation in the elections, the people of Maroodijeex region shined and stood out in the crowd tremendously and have done a brilliant job, they perfectly executed and accomplished something that is not only out of the ordinary, but also is unpredictable, unparalleled, unthinkable, unanticipated, remarkable and groundbreaking which is unheard of or seen in the history of all Somali speaking nations and in the entire African continent

The people of Maroodijeex have established a new course of aspect and have established a new record, a new course of conduct that will eventually lead to abandonment or, at the very least, may minimize and can eliminate the tribal electoral systems and obstacles for future elections.

To everyone’s great surprise, some 60,000 individuals who are a mixture of all the tribes of the Maroodijeex region courageously decided to vote for their favorite candidates regardless of any their tribal backlashes or repercussions and voted for Abdikarim Ahmed Mooge, Barkhad Jama Batun and Said Hasan Jama, without the influence or impact of the current and the chaotic tribal voting norms. I commend all those who participated in that initiative.

Congratulations and long life to the 60,000 people from all the tribes of the Maroodijeex region who crossed that fence and elected or voted for Moge, Batun and Siciid with the unprecedented number

I congratulate you and thank you for your heroic and wise decision, your positive judgment and your dedication in electing the above mentioned three candidates for your own free will and without any tribal effects or influences.

It is a new dawn and a new beginning for Somaliland, a new outset and a new departure that will steer and bring the people of Somaliland together to overcome and defeat the existing clan-based electoral system.

This phenomenal and remarkable step that Somaliland people have taken will certainly or undoubtedly have a positive impact and will influence the future generations to follow in your footsteps for choosing and electing parliamentarians and councillors with their ability, knowledge, skills and experiences necessary for the next or future elections.

I congratulate all Somalilanders around the world.

By Ahmed Yasin Mohamed Jama.

Published by  Araweelo News Network. 7 Jun, 2021,

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By Arraale M Jama Freelance Journalist and Human Rights activist.

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