Lasanod(ANN)- The ceasefire announced by the Somaliland government and the warring parties in the city of Lasanod, where the militias are fighting the Somaliland national army, has weakened.

According to Araweelo News Network, reports from the Sool regional center,  the war has resumed and entered its seventh day on Sunday.

On the other hand, the Sool regional cultural leaders have welcomed the ceasefire. But it is clear that the ceasefire is not standing firm, as the Somaliland government issued a statement on Sunday saying that its position on the ceasefire has not changed.

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A press release from the government of Somaliland stated that there is no change in the unconditional ceasefire is as follows:

Press Release:

The Government of the Republic of Somaliland informs the international community and the people of Soo,l that it remains committed to the unconditional, unilateral ceasefire issued on February 10, 2023.

The government reiterates that its military forces have been ordered to defend themselves and Cabinet ministers in the region from repeated attacks, and have not attacked civilians. It has become apparent that Somaliland’s attackers are not willing to recognize the ceasefire. Therefore, Somaliland National Army forces remain positioned outside the city of Lasanod.

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The government of Somaliland believes that the situation in Lasanod is not a demonstration of ‘social grievances’, but rather a premeditated plan by those in Somalia seeking to destabilize Somaliland. This morning, armed forces from the Federal Government of Somalia began attacking Somaliland’s military forces.

The government of Somaliland subsequently issued a warning to the government of the Federal Republic of Somalia, specifically the regional administration of Puntland which has dispatched a large number of armed personnel to the Tukaraq border, to stand down.

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The government of Somaliland further calls on the international community to urge the Federal Government of Somalia and the regional administration of Puntland to withdraw their forces from Somaliland’s border, condemn the continued attacks on Somaliland’s citizens, government, and military, and demand their reciprocity in joining Somaliland in a mutual, unconditional ceasefire.


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By Arraale M Jama Freelance Journalist and Human Rights activist.