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While, I welcome anyone who becomes or is nominated the Mayor of the Capital, and I am in no way opposed or against to anyone for the mayoral position and will certainly be among the first to congratulate the new mayor.

While I am aware that in politics, the political tide develops and evolves at such a rapid pace, to the extent that it is within the framework of Somaliland constitutional law.

What is beyond my understanding and probably beyond yours is the fact that negotiations and dialogues are currently taking place on the streets on who will be the mayor of the capital between the parties and a part of the capital’s community on social media.

Anybody who campaigns for a candidate in the same way that Somaliland has established itself in 31 May 2021, whether it’s the mayor or somebody else, has to comply with the law.

As far as we are aware, the Somaliland Constitution describes and stipulates that nominating or appointing the mayor is contested or challenged within the local government councils.

As you know, the general public has already stepped up to the plate and voted on the councillors, whereas elected councillors will appoint the mayor and deputy mayor by appointment and vote, and the same procedures apply to the appointment of the chairman and deputy chairman of the Chamber of Representatives according to Somaliland constitution.

Therefore, the elected councillors are the only entity that has the constitutional responsibility for appointing the mayor of the city?

It is shocking that there are currently an illegal noises, arguments and negotiating terms between the parties and the general public as to who is going to be the head of both chambers, whereas the official electoral results have not yet been legalised, incorporated or enshrined in the constitution, or has not yet been declared or officially and legally and constitutionally released or published, while also the newly elected MPs and local government councillors did not have their first meeting or take up their positions.

There is already a lot of noise in social media as well as in opposition parties trying to negotiate conditions illegitimately on the streets on who is going to be the mayor and the speaker of the parliament.

Now, out of curiosity, I’m wondering if there has been any new or amended constitutional legislation passed recently for elections. I’m now wondering if the Constitution of Somaliland and the process of electing mayors and vice-mayors has been completely altered or abolished.

Any sane person will assume that, when they see or hear the noises coming from the all three national parties, negotiating over the nomination of the mayor and the speaker of the parliament illegally and the heated discussions, the social media squabbles, that one might think if the law was amended?

It is natural that a party, or any institution that is in power or in opposition, should do everything to achieve its goal and interests in a legal way or through legal resources

Somaliland nation, be it the national parties or the community, should respect the Constitution and the rule of law. The world saluted and applauded the 2021 peaceful elections that were held in Somaliland.

Seventy percent of registered Somaliland participated perfectly by voting in both houses, therefore, accept and allow the elected members of the two Houses to exercise their constitutional right to elect leaders through a vote.

A healthy democracy calls for a society that is honest, honourable,, generous, tolerant and respectful.
If not, it is referred to as dirty politics by the support of evil spirits.

The views expressed in this article belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Araweelo News Network. Written by. Ahmed Yasin Mohamed Jama, Political and Economic Analyst

Ahmed Yasin Mohamed Jama