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Ankara (ANN) The Ethiopian government has stated its position on the ceasefire announced by TPLF leader Debretsion Gebremichael, in a letter to UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutteres, boldly supporting the ceasefire.

Debretsion, in a letter to UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutteres, dated 19 December 2021, stated that his forces in northern Tigray, particularly in the Amhara and Afar regions, had ordered their withdrawal and return to the Border with Tigray region, which began on Monday.

“I am confident that our courageous act of withdrawal will be the key to peace,” said he’s Letter to the UN Secretary-General,  Debretsion Gebremichael the Leader of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

Debretsion Gebremichael, however, said in a statement that it was necessary to implement a ban on fighter jets and airstrikes in the Tigay region, in order to implement a ceasefire aimed at resolving the bloody conflict in Ethiopia, Which was between government forces backed by Eritrean army  forces and Amhara militias, Afar and some other administrations.

But the government has since reacted to its ceasefire stance. According to the Ethiopian Minister of State, “Ethiopia will ensure that all contentious issues, including the disputed constitutional provisions, are discussed. A national dialogue designed to find a lasting solution to the internal conflict.

Redwan Hussien told Anadolu Agency that Ethiopia is moving forward to give broadened political space through a planned dialogue.

“The new inclusive dialogue will solve any discord that we used to have because it will be solved in a civil manner. We can amend our constitution so that all Ethiopians could see themselves relevant to participate in this broader process,” he said.

Nation planning inclusive dialogue to solve internal conflict, says State Minister Redwan Hussien

There are controversies in the Ethiopian Constitution that are long urged to be debated nationwide.  

“With the political sphere being broadened, all elements of the Constitution being open for discussion in the coming national dialogue, there is no moral reason to pick up an arm,” he said.

Redwan said the dialogue is open for any reasonable discussion, which might be culminated as far as the referendum.

About the Tigrayan Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) ‘s inclusion in the dialogue, Redwan said it is “hard to tell,” and the “element” is not the only one to represent the Tigran people.

Stressing rejection of reconciliation efforts by the government, he said the TPLF made it hard on itself to bring a civil solution.

“It’s not for me to tell, but if TPLF hands over its arms, and some of its criminal entities within, there are many possibilities,” he said.

Now in its 13th month, the armed conflict between government forces and fighters from the TPLF, a once-dominant group during the pre-Abiy Ahmed leadership, has claimed thousands of innocent lives and left many facing famine-like conditions as affected areas are cut off from international aid.

Redwan reiterated that the government is pushing the TPLF group” to its “so-called proper region” despite a major propaganda campaign, he said.

“As the world watches, especially in the West, most of their media outlets support the rebels. They do not seem to want this conflict to end,” he said, adding that they are supporting the opposition TPLF, though this cannot be verified.

The ceasefire, which has been announced several times, has not been forthcoming, and coincides with Prime Minister Abiy’s visit to Turkey and African countries in Ankara.

The fighting, which lasted 13 months, was largely unsuccessful, and resulted in bloodshed, massacres and widespread violence, with millions fleeing their homes and thousands more losing their lives.

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By Arraale M Jama Freelance Journalist and Human Rights activist.

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